The [ppm] eyrie

May 7, 2009

We claim this space as our Eyrie

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we are the Glan Valley Eaglets. It is true what they say, we only exist as numbers in a database which is a part of a hockey simulator, the powerplay manager (PPM), and yet we claim this space as ours! Actually it was our manager – he has such a big mouth that he just can’t shut up until they finally kick him out of the place. Any place. We just wanted to give him some space outside our locker room, so he can live out his writing compulsion without talking the pseudointellectual sh#t out of us. He is dangerous indeed, he can’t write or speak correctly either English, German or Russian, and yet he tries. Unfortunately. When facing him, you can expect to hear a mixture of any of these languages in any combination. Sometimes even Latvian, which happens to be his mother tongue. Other than that, he is our freakin’ manager and we are giving all we can so that his plan comes together on the ice.

Now that this is our eyrie, we can define our hunting fields. We can expect reports from PPM, both concerning us, the Glan Valley Eaglets and PPM as such. Perhaps an occasional bit of statistics gathered by our freak manager. Who knows what it might be good for!


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