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May 14, 2009

The russian science

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The West has always lagged behind the Russians in the scientific arena.” The certain irony lying behind this citation which I took from the homepage of David Wilcock lies in the fact that both I and Wilcock use some real scientific data from Russia to feed wild speculations about a universe 🙂

A group of scientists from the data mining field under the supervision of the leader of Black Pilots have ( here and here ) published the last and ultimate volume of data about the performance of tactics and countertactics in PPM hockey game.

This time I will play Prometheus and not the Eagle and bring these secret data to you dear reader who have stumbled across this weblog. The data are stored as follows. #{Games with regular victory for row tactics} – #{Games with Overtime} – #{Games with regular victory for column tactics}

RU/UKR Nor Def Off Cat Brk Fch
Normal XX-XX-XX 57-8-46 111-43-148 96-30-83 37-24-86 65-11-74
Defensive 46-8-57 XX-XX-XX 40-11-30 17-4-18 23-5-14 19-6-21
Offensive 148-43-111 30-11-40 XX-XX-XX 71-21-44 47-13-41 52-7-26
Ctrattack 83-30-96 18-4-17 44-21-71 XX-XX-XX 39-6-15 17-7-46
Break up 86-24-37 14-5-23 41-13-47 15-6-39 XX-XX-XX 15-2-28
Forechcng 74-11-65 21-6-19 26-7-52 46-7-17 28-8-15 XX-XX-XX

These data are from the Russian leagues I.1-III.16 and Ukrainian leagues I.1-II.4, including all Russian games of Days 1-8 and some incomplete input from later days 9 and 10. These data may be regarded as independent from mine and hence interesting.


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