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May 17, 2009

The first Moon

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The slowness of one day per day has certainly changed my perception of the game flow. It`s a nice feeling to be up to date with the virtual events and to sense the pulse of the first season. In particular, the short-term tactical aspect gets much more meaning than it was thinkable in the four-times sped-up beta.

Among the reasons why I started this weblog was to try catching things that otherwise would be forgotten far too soon. This is the first article for the Glan Valley Eaglets chronicles.

Glan Valley Eaglets can now look back on the first four weeks of the first full PPM season. In terms of rate of development this is the most exciting time as much can be done with relatively small amount of ppm money in a short time period.

The league. I had chosen to start the full version in a high but not the highest possible league, so the holy Random chose to put the Eaglets in German league III.7.
Having lost three games out of four in the pre-season preparation period, the Eaglets started the regular season with four straight victories. The goalie Uli Nock who joined the team from 2nd level SA recorded his first two shootouts 3:0 and 7:0. The streak of victories was stopped by an accidental overtime loss (5:6) against Berlin Capitals, but the next three league games were won again. After the furious start we got a 5 days long crisis during which the Eaglets lost two friendlies and, what is more important, two league games. Nevertheless, the Eaglets face the second Moon while leading the league both by points and team rating, two points ahead of another team from Kaiserslautern.

In German National Cup Eaglets are the lucky seed no. 13. The first round was free, and the second opponent was a TeamNoname. In the third round Eaglets face the first real opponent, Red Devils Berlin from II.4. Although Eaglets have the home ice advantage and slightly higher reserves of seasonal energy, nevertheless it is a K.O. round, so wing it or leave it.

Libertadores Cup. So far the Eaglets have played 7 games and lead the group D with 16 points (5-1-1). A top-notch result indeed! All the games were extremely close, all but one ending with less than 2 goals difference.

Development. Angelo d’Arrigo Ice Forum was extended to offer places for 550 spectators, and from Monday on will also offer snacks and drinks in three sectors. The training facility is on Level 4, the same level of regeneration is under construction, we have the 3rd level of human resources department and are building the 5th level of sports academy. The 275.4 k from the general sponsor cannot possibly cover these costs, so compromises must be gone into.

The team had to sell the top forward Dario Noack with OR 160, Off 37, Sho 37 with high qualities. The transfer fee was 1.7 millions. A second top transfer was the great coach Kenny Hartung, with OR 28; this brought another 1.5 millions ppm money. Finally, there was essentially a swap – Mathew Greis left the team for Mojmír Vávra. The second legionar is the Latvian forward Vents Vīļums who is a good substitute player for that transfer fee (50k).

In a word, Eaglets have had an excellent start in the dangerous new world. We shall see what the future brings. The development of the players and facilities certainly is a race with the Red Queen. Remember, you gotta run as fast as you can to stay on the spot. If you wanna move forward, ya gotta run still faster. I believe there is a second important rule. While the long-term strategical development is very important, we are not ready to disappoint the fans by selling everything of value in the market.

Team rating 31.14, world ranking no. 1110, goaltending 13, defence 13, offence 14, shooting 15


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