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June 15, 2009

The next moon

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The river of time keeps flowing and the time has come for the second monthly progress report of my team. Moon is my unit of time that lasts four calender weeks, thus a PPM season can be conveniently divided into 4 Moons and four reports. The pain of writing the report gives a new meaning to the word Moonsorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

I have slightly extended the range of data I’m collecting for statistics, including shot efficiency, penalty minutes and some rudimentary statistics on the team strength “stars” (the numbers estimating the overall goaltending, defence, offence and shooting abilities). Measuring the effects of these stars is a very elusive stuff, I must say. It will take some time to collect enough of data worth of publishing, but some day you can hope to find an executive summary in this blog.

Let us turn to the performance of my own team.

The second moon has seen 12 rounds of regular season league games. This time my Eaglets had to face all three Noname teams that currently reside in our German league III.7. I will focus on the remaining 9 games, which ended with 4 victories after regular time, 3 overtimes (1 won, 1 lost, 1 draw) and 2 losses. Perhaps we have lost some points due to the low game importance, but I have to admit that most of the points were lost after a tactical defeat. Sure, it is nice to win, but the game wins in substance when the other side uses unexpected tactical variants ๐Ÿ™‚

Having started with two victories 6:2 and 8:1, the Eaglets faced the leading team of the league in terms of facility development, ESV Kaiserslautern Koi’s. With an aggressive transfer policy they have erected the 6th level of TF and 5th level of RF and HRED. I think we’ll see this team go really far indeed. The derby in front of 429 we played defensively against breaking tactics. An exchange of many goals ended with zero points for the Eaglets, 6:7. Our next guest was the 17th number of the league who reached the round of last 64 in the National Cup – Briesnitzer Eisballerinas. Although Eaglets had the clear tactical edge defensive vs offensive, the only reward was one point – 4:4. There followed another victory 7:3 and an unexpected loss against Crusaders’ top goalie Kannast with 1:3. The game aganist Darmstadt improved the situation – 4:1, however, the last two games ended in overtime. First the Eaglets managed to take 2 points against Iron Wolves with 5:4 in OT, but on Friday we lost against Berlin Capitals 6:7 OT (reminding of the match in the first round). The strange thing is that Eaglets keep flying on Position 1 in the table, 3 points ahead of Koi’s and 11 points ahead of the 9th placed Capitals. The margins are still extremely narrow and the competition on the verge of play-offs is extremely tough. With 14 rounds remaining, the 11 point margin lets us feel everything but safe.

The hunting grounds of the National Cup are considered to be even more rough and dangerous as the first slip is usually the last. It took both skill and fortune for the Eaglets to reach the round of last 32. The National Cup, probably the highest peak a team can reach in the first season, is only five games away. So close at hand, yet as unreachable as the Moon ๐Ÿ™‚ The first serious opponent was Red Devils Berlin. Eaglets played offensive against forechecking and marked an impressive 8:2 victory. The next in line was PreussenSpiders with an inactive manager. Scoring 2 goals in the last seconds, Eaglets saved the day with a tough 4:1 victory. HC Growl fought furiously using the forechecking tactics against offensive finding a response to every goal scored by the Eaglets. As the evening dusk fell, we saw a deserved yet lucky 6:5. The next draw revealed SRBIJA as the next opponent, but they went anonymous right before the match. Although they, having been overtaken by a new manager in the last minutes before 18.00, did show a serious resistance, Eaglets still managed to convert this chance – 6:2 and here we are.

Ruhrpott Icetigers from IV.1 will be the next team that comes to Angelo d’Arrigo Ice Forum with the firm resolution to kick the hosts out of the tournament. In terms of stars the Eaglets have a slight but firm advantage, yet the manager of the Icetigers cares well for his team, so the tactical schemes are adapted on a regular basis. I’m flirting with the idea to send my Eaglets in the fight with high importance for the very first time. Unfortunately, I have some good arguments both pro and contra, so it is going to be a tough last minute decision for me.

Sometimes I wish I could transfer the success streak in friendlies to the league. In the last 5 weeks Eaglets have won 15 of 15 friendlies, thus winning the Group D in Libertadores Cup with a considerable margin. Now we can prepare for the play-off rounds in series of best of 3. Hoping for more than just one round.

Players. Still waiting for the first blue wonder from our Sports Academy. We already have 5th level for a while, and still waiting for the first youth player to come with an OR over 160. The only serious addition to the roster was the defender Rainer Buhs. The french goalie Gary Florin was the second addition to the team. There have been no big transfers to report.

Facilities: HR 4, REG 4, TF 5, SA: 5 (6). Team strength (a.k.a. Stars): GT 15, DF 16, OF 16, SH 15 (16). Overall team rating 69.49. Place 90 in a out-of-date world ranking table (there are over 25 000 active teams around) thanks to the lucky streak in the National Cup, and place 2 in German ratings (out of date as well).


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